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Michigan Workers' compensation insurance 

As an employer in Michigan you can protect yourself and your employees against issues that might occur as a result of illness or injury that occur at the workplace. Through the Workers' Disability Compensation act adopted in 1912 workers who encounter an injury at their place of employment, if insured by worker's compensation, will have benefits and protection. Workers' compensation insurance offers many benefits for you and your employees.  Michigan Insurance Group will walk you through the details of coverage for your business to ensure you and your staff are properly insured. 

A workers' compensation policy can include:

  • Medical Expenses

  • Lost income/wages

  • Rehabilitation costs

  • Death benefits

  • And more...

Workers' Compensation Insurance is required if you:

  • Regularly employee three or more part-time employees at one time.

  • Employ one or more persons for at least 35 hours per week for at least

13 weeks during the proceeding 52 weeks. 

Remember, as an employer you are responsible to insure your on-duty employees. As workers’ compensation is not a benefit provided by the State of Michigan and if you have employees that meet the above criteria then having coverage in place is the law.

If you own a business Michigan workers' compensation insurance coverage can protect your business in the event of an accident, major employee issue or even lawsuits that can cause financial damage to your operations. 

For more information and to receive a free quote simply fill out our workers' compensation insurance contact form.