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Unseen protection for an unseen product still brings you peace of mind and security. The storage tank insurance program is designed to meet your specific needs.

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Storage tank insurance program

Michigan Storage Tank Insurance Program provides tank insurance to petroleum marketers, gas stations, c-stores, marinas and dozens of other non-marketer businesses.


Michigan Storage Tank Insurance Program began because owners/operators (O/Os) of petroleum underground storage tanks (USTs) are required to provide financial responsibility (FR) for taking corrective actions and for compensating third parties for bodily injury and property damage arising from a release by petroleum USTs. The O/O's must utilize one of the following FR mechanisms:

  1. $350 minimum premium

  2. Limits from $500,000 to $10 million

  3. Deductibles as low as $2,500

Some coverage options include:

Above ground and underground storage tanks

Water and gas tank liability

Property Damage

Sudden and gradual events

Loading and unloading

A storage tank leak is dangerous. The clean up of a storage

tank leak is complex and can cost a company thousands of


Having the right insurance coverage becomes even more

important when disaster occurs. Be prepared with Storage

Tank Insurance through Michigan Insurance Group. 


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