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Renters insurance 

You may not own a home but you own many more things: clothing, jewelry, appliances, electronics, furniture. If disaster occurs these things can be covered through the right insurance policy. Just because you don’t own your home does not mean you can’t protect what you do own.

Some of the options that can be included in your renters insurance policy:

Personal Property Coverage

Liability Coverage

Medical Payments

Replacement Cost of Belongings

Water Backup

Loss of Use

Refrigerated Goods

Take a moment to think about every single thing you own. Can you put a price on all of your belongings? The value is most likely very high. Renters insurance can cover the items you find most valuable. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much will Renters Insurance cost me?

A: Renters insurance is rather inexpensive, especially if you consider what a major loss could cost you. Depending on coverage and where you live it could cost you as little as $130 a year. Plus you could get a discount on your auto insurance. 

Q: Isn't my apartment covered by my landlord's insurance? 

A: The landlord's insurance covers the structure itself as well as their liability. It does not cover you, your apartment or your belongings. For example, if a fire starts inside your apartment and causes damage to the entire apartment building you could be held liable. 

Do you have more questions about renters insurance? Contact a license insurance agent at Michigan Insurance Group today.