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Michigan Insurance Group is here to help you find the right insurance to fit your lifestyle. Meet our team or call and talk to a licensed agent today. 755-3000
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Boat insurance 

When taking your boat on the open water you take many safety precautions; including life jackets, navigation tools, first aid kit and a life preserver. Boat insurance is one more precaution you should never forget. Michigan Insurance Group will help you choose boat insurance that will ensure you are protected while on the water.

Some of the options that can be included in your boat insurance policy:

Roadside assistance

Personal Property

On-water towing

Total Replacement Cost

Physical Damage

Medical Payments

Fishing Equipment Coverage

Pollution Coverage

High Liability Limits

Your boat or watercraft deserves proper coverage. As do you, your passengers and fellow boaters. Contact Michigan Insurance Group today to start a boat insurance policy.

For more information simply fill out our boat insurance contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need boat insurance in the winter?

A: Yes. Just because your boat is in storage does not mean you should go without insurance. Damages that could cost you a lot of money can still happen when your boat is in storage. If your boat is not insured and damages occur, for example: animals nesting in your boat, moisture in fuel system, storage facility issues, you might have to pay for the repairs out of your own pocket. 

Do you have more questions about boat insurance? Contact a license insurance agent at Michigan Insurance Group today.